Re: Subject: Anarcho-Capitalism > Agoric Democracy

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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:12:53 +0000

> From: (Tony Hollick)
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Stop shouting! :-)

> There is no 'Absolute Foundation' for property rights, and to
> propose to base an entire society on the illusion that there is, is
> the sort of crass folly only clever people are capable of.

Property rights, to everything except raw natural resources
(inc. land) land, can be directly derived from a right of
self-ownership. So can freedom of speech, assembly, religion, etc.

So failure to support property rights is qualified failure to support
the right of self-ownership, which is a qualified endorsement of

Property rights to raw natural resources (inc. land) can be
developed from the pragmatic need to enforce property rights in other
things; from concern about the environment; from considerations of
efficiency. In fact we observe worldwide that natural resources
which are unowned (not the property of any particular person) in
their natural state are abused, overexploited, and threatened,
except in those cases where by government decree they are
underutilized, and then usually neglected; those which are owned and
thoroughly under the control of the owner, are comparatively *much*
better cared for.

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