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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 19:32:30 -0400

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> At 06:53 4/15/98 -0500, ChuckKuecker <> wrote:
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> >>As people's lifespans slowly but surely start to increase, the frequency
> >>of death from "unnatural causes" will also increase.
>Lifespan increases trough better technlogy, better technology also makes
>safer cars and airplanes...

IAN: And better missiles that shoot them down:
(not an argument, just a supercilious comment)

>I would suspect that things like cancer would be the
>primary cause of death in the (near) future. or Smoking.

IAN: Or prescription drugs.

Gee, I'm feeling supersilly today!

> >The biggest problem I see is how do you control landing? Coming
> >down in an urban area, on power lines, in water, etc...
>Even if there's a nice meadow you can still break quite a few bones
>(including but not limited to your neck) if you have no training in

IAN: One thing we're rediscovering is how much
good stuff is in old fashioned herbs and remedies,
how much wisdom was in the teaching of the ancients,
of the yogis, Taoists, and Zen masters. No question
modern technology is where its at and is the greatest
thing we've ever come across and is the only hope for
the future of freedom, but, overwhelmed by modernism
we have, assuming all that is old is outdated and
wrong, ignored ancient wisdoms from our roots.

Fuzzy logic is a great example of our evolution and
simultaneous rediscovery thereby of the validity of
ancient wisdoms, also holistic logic I'm mapping,
quantum mysteries, and other new/old paradigms.

>Stay out of the sun. Don't smoke. Don't drink, Don't have unsafe sex, Mind
>your diet. Live outside a city. Don't do dangerous sports. You'll be bore
>but alive ;-)

IAN: And don't research TWA 800 to deeply:

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