Re: Definitions for Transhumanism

Anders Sandberg (
15 Apr 1998 21:32:12 +0200

Max More <> writes:

> Okay, so here is my revised definition. I'll refine it further if anyone
> can pick holes in it! The final version will go in the Neologisms section
> of ExI's web site, and I'll also contact the editor who called me from the
> Oxford English Dictionary. (They are considering the terms "transhumanism"
> and "extropy" and "extropian" for the next revision of the OED.)

Hurray! :-)

> TRANSHUMANISM: Any philosophy of life that seeks the acceleration of our
> development beyond its currently human limitations by means of science,
> technology, creativity, and other rational means.

I like this, since it suggests that creativity is or can be rational.

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