Anders Sandberg (
15 Apr 1998 10:23:37 +0200

(a very readable posting; I enjoy this kind of mini-reviews of
subjects I don't know much about)

Natasha Vita More <> wrote:

>Indeed, Action Art was a sincere "Kick In The Ass" to humanity's moralism;
>yet, Action Art wasn't pretty or particularly inviting. In fact,
>retrospectively it looked real dim to me. If this genre symbolized the
>"every day life of humanity" while shinning a light upon it -- How very dim
>the bulb.
>Glad that my own work was not chosen for this particular exhibition, I
>thought about the brilliant light of optimism and innovation shinning on
>our transhumanity and that the art/science of our early transhuman efforts.

One problem I see in presenting transhumanist art is the resistance to
optimism in current culture; anything too optimistic is regarded as
shallow because it ignores the "reality" of suffering (a way of
thinking which I must admit I have never understood but seems to be
popular). How do we circumvent that?

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