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EvMick wrote:

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> writes:
> << While operating a crane, a forklift, or a tractor trailer may not be as
> unskilled
> posistions as a ditch digger, the fact is that a reasonably well trained
> individual can pretty much master the job requirements in 6 weeks of
> training.
> (Forklift training actually takes one day, but I'll be generous). >>
> Not meaning to detract from your overall point Mike...with which I agree
> ...but....
> I've done two of the above....(forklift and tractor trailer)...and must
> confess that it does take only a short time to learn the rudiments.
> Like it only takes a few minutes to learn how to ride a horse....right?
> I difficult is it? You just sit up there in the saddle...hold the
> reins...use your knees ever now and then...and everything is peachy keen?
> Obviously that is is the idea that you can be a skilled tractor
> trailer operator in such a short period of time. Consider why the major
> carriers (non union) pay so much more for experience....
> Greater experience means greater productivity...less wear and tear on the
> equipment...and fewer accidents...

Oh, of course, and there's a good reason why a medical doctor fresh out of 7 years
of medical school is still an intern, making not much more than minimum wage for
72 hour weeks, or why an engineer fresh out of engineering school cannot certify
plans for a skyscraper....

I really don't mean to belittle the trade at all. I'm just stating the fact that
relatively speaking, someone with forklift skills is a WHOLE lot closer to a
ditchdigger than they are to an architect in terms of training and skills. Even a
forklift operator with 30 years of experience is still a WHOLE lot closer to a
ditch digger than to an architect....

> And as far a CRANE!! <shudder>

ha, yeah, I've operated cranes, small ones, before. It does take a deft touch, and
not everyone can do it, but its not that hard for someone raised on video games to
master rather quickly... However, many port cranes that unload container ships
are ROBOTS. A robot has no union, doesn't demand retirement benefits, or medical
insurance, doesn't walk out or sit down on you (although a new one can be buggy),
and works 24 hours a day with no breaks..... hmmmmmmm

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