Re: Transhumanist Declaration (New and Improved)

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 13:32:53 +0000

> From: Brian D Williams <>

> From: "Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin" <>
> >I see. The IRA wants Northern Ireland partitioned into two
> >sections, with one section falling under their rule (and,
> >presumably, passing to the Irish government) and another section
> >going in some other direction (presumably remaining British)
> >according to the will of those persons (presumably mostly
> >Protestants) who live there.
> >No, I am not talking about "British Forces". I am talking about
> >PEOPLE. Bartenders, farmers, housewives. Who happen to, for
> >various reasons, prefer British rule, or at least prefer *not* to
> >suffer the fate that the IRA would choose for itself.
> No you do not "see". there will be no further partioning of any
> kind, the IRA will not be the government, the current republican
> govt will control ALL of Ireland.

So it's a government of the IRA's choosing, imposed on people who do
not choose it.

Yep. The IRA (as an organization) is a looter just like any other

> The PEOPLE you refer to are descendants of those deliberately
> settled onto Irish soil by the British Government, to enforce their
> rule, not unlike the British invasion of Iceland in WW II, they are
> invaders every bit as much as the soldiers. Unlike the soldiers who
> do not belong there, they would be free to remain, but under Irish,
> not British law.

They would be free to give up everything they and their ancestors
have worked for for centuries, or subject themselves to a government
not of their choosing.

Yep, the IRA is a looter just like any other government.

> There will be no peace until this is so.

There will be no peace WHEN it is so. It just hasn't been generally
realized that it is part of the nature of government to make war upon
its own subjects.

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