Re: Guns to heads (was: Re: Transhumanist Declaration)

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> writes:
> << While operating a crane, a forklift, or a tractor trailer may not be as
> unskilled
> posistions as a ditch digger, the fact is that a reasonably well trained
> individual can pretty much master the job requirements in 6 weeks of
> training.
> (Forklift training actually takes one day, but I'll be generous). >>
> Not meaning to detract from your overall point Mike...with which I agree
> ...but....
> I've done two of the above....(forklift and tractor trailer)...and must
> confess that it does take only a short time to learn the rudiments.
> Like it only takes a few minutes to learn how to ride a horse....right?
> I difficult is it? You just sit up there in the saddle...hold the
> reins...use your knees ever now and then...and everything is peachy keen?
> Obviously that is is the idea that you can be a skilled tractor
> trailer operator in such a short period of time. Consider why the major
> carriers (non union) pay so much more for experience....
> Greater experience means greater productivity...less wear and tear on the
> equipment...and fewer accidents...
> And as far a CRANE!! <shudder>

I've never operated a crane, but I've watched a few. It seems to me
that, typically, the crane starts moving horizontally (inc.
rotating) before the load does, and the crane stops first as well.

So to quickly move a load from one place to another, put it down in
place, and not hit anything you didn't intend to hit, probably takes
quite a bit of practice.
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