Re: Guns to heads (was: Re: Transhumanist Declaration)

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Tue, 14 Apr 1998 12:57:29 EDT

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<< While operating a crane, a forklift, or a tractor trailer may not be as
posistions as a ditch digger, the fact is that a reasonably well trained
individual can pretty much master the job requirements in 6 weeks of
(Forklift training actually takes one day, but I'll be generous). >>

Not meaning to detract from your overall point Mike...with which I agree

I've done two of the above....(forklift and tractor trailer)...and must
confess that it does take only a short time to learn the rudiments.

Like it only takes a few minutes to learn how to ride a horse....right?

I difficult is it? You just sit up there in the saddle...hold the
reins...use your knees ever now and then...and everything is peachy keen?

Obviously that is is the idea that you can be a skilled tractor
trailer operator in such a short period of time. Consider why the major
carriers (non union) pay so much more for experience....

Greater experience means greater productivity...less wear and tear on the
equipment...and fewer accidents...

And as far a CRANE!! <shudder>