Re: Intersexuality (was: BOOK: Gender Shock)

Harvey Newstrom (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 22:42:59 -0400

At 8:14pm -0400 4/13/98, Michael Lorrey wrote:
>Growing up with an IQ of 160 was freakish enough for me. I can't imagine the
>sort of punishment a kid would go through in childhood and teen years in a
>state of non-standard, or non-determinate sexuality. If I were such a kid I
>think that the best thing that could happen to me would be that someone would
>have taken care of if before I could even remember anything and never tell me
>anything about it.

I'm sure they could have cured your abnormal IQ as well, without your
family's knowledge or consent. That way, you could have avoided such a
freakish childhood. If the Doctors had only known....

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