Re: Transhumanist Declaration

Kathryn Aegis (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 19:45:38 +0000

Whenever I'm trying to think through a complex matter, it helps me to
return to the earliest source materials, return to the roots, and
work my way forward. I hereby offer FM-2030's original statements on
transhumanity, from which you can easily see that we have moved away
from the original definition and are struggling to articulate a new
personal self-identification and framework of thought:

Transhumans (trans) are a new kind of being crystallizing from the
monumental breakthroughs of the late 20th century. Trans are not
necessarily the progressives and Up-Wingers defined through this
tract. In other words, trans are not necessarily those whose values
and lifestyles and environments are the most modern.

Trans are not simply advanced historical people. They are the
earliest manifestations of new evolutionary beings. Trans are like
those earliest hominids who many millions of years ago came down from
the trees and began to look around. Transhumans are not necessarily
committed to accelerating the evolution to higher life forms. Many
of them are not even aware of their bridging role in evolution.

Trans can no longer be considered specifically human because the
promises of biological terrestial life that have always defined the
human no longer fully apply. Many of the breakthroughs embodied in
transhumans are nothing less than the beginnings of the eventual
transformation of the human species. If you score higher than 7 on
Monitor 25 you are a rare being--an advanced forerunner of the
posthumans who will surely evolve later in the 21st century. (From: _Are You

The Questions:
1. Do you have a high-tech body? In other words, does your body
comprise any implants--transplants--smart limbs--electronic monitors,
2. Does your brain contain a pacemaker--electrodes--other
3. Have you undergone major body reconstruction?
4. Are your body processes such as moods--cycles--body temperature,
etc.--continuously telemonitored and regulated?
5. Are you connected to people and services via onbody (portable)
6. Are you androgynous?
7. Do you contribute to reproduction only through new collaborative
asexual methods? For example: (a) Have you ever donated your sex
cells for screening and possible fertilization? (b) Have you ever
acted as 'surrogate mother'?
8. Are you a product of artificial insemination or inovulation--in
vitro fertilization--telegenesis--frozen embryo implant?
9. Are you postterritorial: free of kinship
10. Have you ever been outside this planet on space missions?
11. Have you ever died and been rescusitated?

We can never again be even content with civil rights, human rights,
the right to self-determination. These rights by themselves are also
no longer enough. We now want cosmic rights. We want the freedom to
roam the universe. We want nothing less than the right to determine
our own evolution. We want the right to live forever -- to succeed
with our revolution against death itself. So long as we have not
overthrown the tyranny of death, _all_ mankind belongs to the Third
World, _all_ mankind is proletarian. (From: _Optimism One_)