Re: humanism vs. transhumanism

Charlotte Shore (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 09:56:47 -0700

> Dan Fabulich wrote:

> > Charlotte Shore wrote:

> >In other words, it is much more difficult nowadays, with
> >greatly increased gov't taxation on our incomes and everything else
> >within sight, to save enough to go into one's own business.
> > [...]
> >These facts would make the gentleman's argument more true than false,
> >IMO.

<< Except that the argument was not that taxation makes going into
business more difficult, but that it is impossible, because the
non-capital owning proletariat cannot afford it, being as poor as we

I totally agree with your point, but it is an argument for decreasing/
reorganizing taxation, not to eliminate privately-owned capital. >>

And I totally agree with your point.<g> I wasn't aware that the post
under discussion had advocated eliminating *privately-owned capital.*
As an Objectivist, I regard any attempt to deprive men of the right to
property as totally destructive of the needs and rights of free human