Re: Definitions for Transhumanism

Natasha Vita More (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 11:23:06 -0500

Dear transhuman friends,

In my most recent post, I was referring to Max More as that "guy" who
defined "transhumanism".

The gracious practice would be to include those who originally defined
words into the discussion. The definitions of both "transhuman" (FM) and
"transhumanism" has been published. And, as I understand it,
"transhumanism" is going into a dictionary.

In explaining ideas to people, what is needed is concise definition and a
manner of explanation that allows individuals who are new to concepts to
grasps the new ideas easily. This is usually done in stepping-stone ways;
one idea building upon another so that the our ideas are expressed
carefully, openly and reasonably. Our ideas are fairly far-reaching for
most people, and the best way to do this is not by definition alone, but by
an expression that is inclusive.

Here I'll refer to both Max More's editorial comments in the most recent
Extropy Newsletter where he explains beautifully his thoughts and feelings
on the subject. Also, Chris Peterson is quite effective in expressing new
ideas to people in a manner that is inclusive.

So, to sum up my point, it is my understanding that definitions can be
concise and effective, and further writings on the subject can be expressed
in a manner that draws people in.

I'd like to suggest that if we want to redefine "transhuman" let's bring
FM-2030 into the picture.

If we want to redefine "transhumanism", let's bring Max More in on the

We are not such an isolated community that we can go around redefining
words when the folks that defined them are within earshot. Wouldn't it be
more gracious to include them?

What if I wanted to redefine "nanotechnology." Would I be wise to include
Drexler in the conversation? Or, if I wanted to redefine the
"Singularity," I might speak with Vinge about it. FM has been working in
the field of future studies and social sciences for decades. He is the
first to teach about transhuman ideas. He wrote the first book about
transhumans. Shouldn't we put a call into him for his opinion? Max
authored the first journal on transhumanism, and made it a philosophy.
Shouldn't we speak with him about this?

I'm just waiting for someone to redefine Transhumanist Art and to write a
new Transhumanist Art Statement. I would be terribly hurt and stunned if
that person(s) didn't first speak with me about it.

Thank you.

Long Life!