Re: Definitions for Transhumanism

Max More (
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 11:21:55 -0700

At 02:31 PM 4/11/98 +0200, Anders wrote:
>Eugene Leitl <> writes:
>> If we were not unhappy, there would be zero impetus to change. No impetus
>> to change in an coevolutionary context guarantees failure before long.
>Very odd. I feel very happy, and I feel a big impetus to change. Would
>I feel an even more intense impetus if I was unhappy? I doubt it; the
>times I have felt unhabppy haven't motivated me as much as when I have
>been happy to do something. [...]
>Of course, I might be unrepresentative of humanity but I hope it isn't

I agree with you Anders. I feel most motivated to improve when I'm feeling
*good*. Perhaps we should distinguish unhappiness from dissatisfaction. I'm
never satisfied with who I am and where I am and so seek improvement, but
that doesn't mean I'm unhappy. Dissatisfaction can co-exist with happiness
if you have the capacity to see how you (and your situation) could be
better. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the way you are now. I explained
this point at more length not long ago when asked by an audience member in
Madrid if transhumanists are all unhappy because they seek change.


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