Re: humanism vs. transhumanism

Anton Sherwood (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 21:29:08 -0700

> Dan Fabulich wrote:
> > This is completely wrong. Under capitalism, corporations can't (legally)
> > force their employees to do anything. All of the employees volunteer to
> > work in a corporation. All those who don't volunteer to do what the CEO
> > wants don't have to work there at all. How is this force?

Nico MYOWNA wrote:
> Because workers and human beings like Bill Gates or Rockefeller are *not*
> on the same level. Rich people have enough money to build up a firm; there-
> fore for them are to work for wage or to work for their own firms a real
> alternativ; but if you have to work for wage and must spend most of your
> wage for your survive you are not able to earn enough money to build up
> your own firm. Therefore you are forces to earn wage your hole life.

So where do new firms come from? Where did Gates' or Rockefeller's
startup capital come from - did it fall out of the sky?

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