Re: humanism vs. transhumanism

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Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:

> >> *I* don't agree with most of Congress's laws, but it's still illegal
> >> for me to sit in my house and secede from the USG. Try it yourself.
> >
> > Yes, thats true in our time. But there are people in this world who
> > work to make this split legal....
> If it were legal to secede from democratic decisions, the people
> who did so would have to either hire others to provide the services
> they opted out of, or form other collectives to provide them: in
> other words, anarcho-capitalism. Even the most die-hard anarchist
> has nothing against /voluntary/ democracy; but that's not democracy,
> it's anarcho-capitalism. Those who want democracy can have it, so
> long as they don't interfere with those of us who prefer freedom.

Actually, the NH State Constitution specifically states that NH reserves the
right to secede from the Union, and is still a legal part of the law, as it
was tested in the courts a way back when... I beleive that it (the
confirmation in court) was part of the wrangling that brought the Republic of
Indian Stream into the US as part of New Hampshire.

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