Re: Beating a dead....

11 Apr 1998 01:26:00 +0200

Hi Reilly,

> Is the statement "all things are relative" a true statement? You see how
> absurd such windage is? Relativism is incoherent. If rationality is not
> wedded to truth then it is clearly irrationality.

Reilly, all phenomenons are relative to the relativity of time and space.
This relativism is true: In our experience is there only one time -- but
if we send a atomary watch (A) with a space shuttle around earth and have
an other similar runing atomary watch (B) on earth than there is a time
difference between A and B after A has returning from space.

If Einsteins proposal of general theory of relativity is true than every
watching of phenomenons is relative to the location of the watching human
in time and space -- and there isn't any sign that Einsteins general the-
ory of relativity is wrong.

Not every relativism is incoherent.


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