Re: exhaustive research on life extension

EvMick (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:15:23 EDT

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> > According to my exhaustive research conducted over a lifetime, a diet
> > in pizza, salt, eggs, beer and vodka, with an ice cream chaser,
> > contributes to longevity in humans. Note I have done this research
> > personally on my own body, you do not have to extrapolate data from fruit
> > flies and rats. This is the real thing, tested and proved on my human
> > (more or less) body.
> > The proof is that I have lasted into my fifth decade. It was intimated by
> > doctors and friends when I was in my second decade that if I continued
> > eating and drinking with such wild abandon, I would not reach the age of
> > thirty. Boy, did I prove them wrong. And look at all the fun I had
> > doing it!

I suspect this was written "tounge in cheek"...or perhaps your trawling for a
fight from militant vegitarians..(that term always conjours up the visual of
an anthropomorpized venus flytrap type Rambo...Killer Kabbage..)

Howsomever...It may bear an embarassing relationship to the truth.

I've been reading a book by Robert C. Atkins, M.D. "Dr. Atkins New Diet

It makes sense to me...a thumbnail is that due to an overabundance of
carbohydrates in modern diet...and the intertwingleness of gylocogen,
sugars...etc and their effect on the hormones in the human body...notably
insulin...that many fat people (myself included i imagine <5'll...260lbs>
develope a condition he calls "hyperinsulinism"...which over an extend time
leads to all manner of bad things..notably obeseity...and it's attendant
ills.(heart attacks, diabetes, strokes...and other nasty stuff)...

The problem being that someone suffereing from said ailment (hyperinsulinism)
has a well neigh impossibe task facing him trying to loose weight via
conventionally prescribed methods...i.e. cut back calories...

His diet (grossly simplified for space sake) has basicly only one rule...cut
back on carbohydrated to less than 25grams a day...for the "induction
diet".(eat ANYTHING else...and as much as you want..just NO carbs) .this
induces a state of "ketosis"...<medical term...means fat burning>...therefor
weight is lots...but NO (well hardly any) lean muscel mass.

So........I imagine the militant veggies are a trifle upset with
could be called a "hi protein" , "hi fat" or "meat eaters" diet.

I've talked to several people who swear by it...claiming weight loss of ten
pounds a month...(more...but lets not get too carried away)... I sit here eating a double western omlette....I'm thinking it might be
the thing for me...