META:RFC:Re: junkmail

Eugene Leitl (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 17:43:17 +0400 (MSD)

On Thu, 9 Apr 1998, Anton Sherwood wrote:

> Damn. I'm starting to get junkmail at my new address, and I've never
> posted to usenet from here; which means, most likely, that they're
> fishing in the extropians archive. Damn.

I have thought about such problem several months ago. To combat the more
mindless address harvesters, trivially mangling addresses (or even
stripping the archives from them altogether) would seem enough. The more
advanced solution would seem to allocate (informative) list-locally unique
handles (like, say, your name) to each participant. This can be done
either automatically, or interactively via a web form. The listserv would
then substitute your real addresses with the abovementioned handles. There
should be no user accessible mechanism to query for real physical mailing
list addresses -- this will make list spamming by mail header forging
pretty difficult. It can get arbitrarily involved here, with groups,
crypto, and whatnot but I realise this to be completely unrealistic as no
one will ever code it.

Btw: here's a suggestion to make proposed extropy-moderated more
palatable. If there is a extropy-rejected list (called entropy?), which
receives all the rejected mail but spam, subbing to both lists will make
you get the whole picture. On the high end I would contemplate adding an
inner circle with good S/N ratio, similiarly to the service Damien
Sullivan is offering, only bidirectional.

As for distributed moderation (we could make a vote whether the
self-designed moderator group is acceptable) we could borrow the scheme
from the Internet Oracle (instead of askme's authenticated check-in and
check-out, of course).

Please comment.