Transhumanist Declaration

Remi Sussan (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 15:19:03 +0200

Michael Lorrey wrote :
>Michael, an excellent statement that is remarkably succint, direct, on
>target, and with that grand historic ring to it... and sure to piss
off the
>socialist transhumanists...;-)

Ahhh...Michael ....I don't like flame wars, so I will try a last time to
explain you, calmly, friendly, our point of view. Because I suppose that
by "socialist transhumanists" you mean everybody who don't share your
extreme positions. So, please first, stop to imagine there are two
camps, red-commies-stalinian- socialists on one side,
libertarians-individualist-capitalists on the other; you will really
progress in your analysis. May I remind you that most of the stalinian
crimes were due to the belief there was only two camps: the "nice guys"
and the others, who had to be fighted and eventually killed. If you
really don't like communism, you should stop to adopt their main
characteristics, don't you think ?
So now, let's go to Michael's (Bowling) definition : we should be pissed
of , really ? By saying that, you prove one more time that you didn't
understand most of the arguments of your opponents. Or worse, you didn't
hear. That's sad. So open your ears and listen :
Nobody here is opposed to individual freedom. The socialist
transhumanists (by this term, you certainly want to name the mad guys
who think that the free market defects have to be corrected by a welfare
system) are advocates of individual freedom. that's why we want to be
sure that ANYBODY (sorry for shouting, but the message seems hard to
pass) can decide of his evolution, according to his own desires, and not
be forbidden to succeed because he is born on the wrong side of the
Is this clear enough, or must I capitalize other words?
You can disagree with my opinion; I just want you to understand it and
be fair in your opposition, instead of using low-level (and constant,
and frequently out of topic, as here) propaganda. The worst thing in
this, (from your own point of view) being that you give a very bad image
of your own camp, therefore forbidding any intelligent discussion on
economical matters on this list. Fortunately, there are more open-minded