Re: Y2K once more

Warrl kyree Tale'sedrin (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:20:31 +0000

> From: "Derek Strong" <>

> Hal: I'd love it if you (or anyone else) could provide some good links for
> Y2K skepticism (if I can call it that).

I don't know that there'll be many of those.

First, the people who think that Y2K will be no big deal, think that
it's no big deal. People tend not to write substantial
well-researched essays on things that are no big deal.

Second, even the people who think that it'll be no big deal, are NOT
forecasting a problem-free transition. Me, I'm a computer
programmer, I'm trying to arrange to get at least a month off wrapped
around Jan 1 2000. If I can manage to take off the entire months of
December and January, I expect the problems will be fixed (or
otherwise dealt with) at my place of employment; if I can't get any
time off, I expect I'll work two or three 60-hour weeks on the
recovery effort -- putting my *current* work behind schedule.

> It's really easy to find stuff by
> the fear-mongerers, and it is useful to look over what they have to say. But
> I've had more difficulty tracking down contrary reasoning (saying why we
> shouldn't be too fearful) with anything like the detail found on North's or
> Yourdon's sites.

That's because it's a lot easier to provide great detail, when you
are free to make it up and to ignore anything that doesn't agree with

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