Re: Y2K once more

Derek Strong (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 19:12:28 -0700

Hal Finney writes:

>When I first began learning about Y2K, I became quite alarmed.

Same here.

>Then, I learned more about the people involved. I discovered North's
>background, and I saw that Yourdon is hawking his Y2K consultancy on
>his web page. I read criticisms by a power engineer of Yourdon's
>fearmongering about electricity disruption. The bulletin board
>discussions were dominated by the same kinds of people who have been
>predicting disaster since the 1970's.

Hal: I'd love it if you (or anyone else) could provide some good links for
Y2K skepticism (if I can call it that). It's really easy to find stuff by
the fear-mongerers, and it is useful to look over what they have to say. But
I've had more difficulty tracking down contrary reasoning (saying why we
shouldn't be too fearful) with anything like the detail found on North's or
Yourdon's sites.

Thanks for any pointers,

Derek Strong