Re: Beating a dead horse?

den Otter (
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 00:45:27 +0200

> From: Dan Fabulich <>

> Felix Ungman wrote:
> >Moral issues can be solved by applying game theory.
> Only if the players respect payoff. Who says we couldn't design obedient
> deltas and epsilons who are always happy, no matter what happens to them?
> Clearly they would have nothing to gain or lose from serving me, and thus
> all of its payoffs are equal.
> Presuming that I could actually make certain that they are always happy
> slaves then game theory would DEMAND that I create such people.

Wouldn't it be better to create slaves that are only happy while actively
serving you, and are otherwise in a neutral state? Also, you might
insert a feature that prevents them from even *thinking* negatively
about you (by linking these thoughts to mental and physical discomforts
a la "A Clockwork Orange". Game theory demands it ;-)