Re: META:Re: Nicotine( Re: Time for a jump in quality?)

Erik Moeller (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 14:45:03 +0200

>Isn't this the perfect clue to start discussing diverse new list
>structures and moderation schemes, again? If this is of any use, yours
>truly volunteers as a part-time moderator.

After having successfully seized control of the transhumantech mailing list,
mastermind Eugene L. heads for his next big goal: Conquest of Extropia [TM].
Do two part-time moderatorships make one full-time life as a mod? Is it
really Eugene or just his intelligent UNIX mail filter going mad? And --will
the Krauts finally rule the world? For the answers to these and other
exasperating questions, check out next week's episode of "Spam: Above and

Secret Agent Hans Moleman