HEALTH: Juice 4 The Heart

Ian Goddard (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 12:13:57 -0400

Excerpts from The Washington Post Health Magazine (03/31/98):

Drinking purple grape juice may turn out
to be as effective as taking a daily aspirin
to prevent the formation of blood clots that
can lead to heart attacks.

That's the conclusion suggested by a small,
preliminary study reported yesterday by John
D. Folts of the University of Wisconsin Med-
ical School at a meeting of the American
College of Cardiology.

Folts, who first showed in animal experiments
in 1974 that aspirin can lower the incidence
of heart attacks, has been studying substances
known as flavonoids, present in purple grape
juice, tea and red wine, that reduce the stick-
iness of platelets (small blood cells that
initiate clotting). ...

In the new study... [g]rape juice reduced
platelet aggregation by an average of 84
percent--a stronger effect than that pre-
viously reported for aspirin. ...

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