Re: Face on Mars - NOT

Craig Presson (fcp@Traveller.COM)
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 08:04:39 -6

On 6 Apr 98, Hal Finney <> wrote:

> JPL has now released a processed image of the Face on Mars.[...]
> It looks nothing like a face.
> It is a fissured, eroded hill, nothing more.

Thanks for pointing this out, Hal. To me, the 1976 picture looked as
much like a face as the "Man in the Moon" anyway, but this should put
the FoM to rest. It will be interesting to hear the responses from the
True Believers, provided I don't have to hear too many of them.

Now I can get back to the important stuff like finding an explanation
for the Nazca Lines by skipping letters in the Torah.

-- (Freeman Craig Presson)