ExI List Archive Scrambled

Ian Goddard (igoddard@erols.com)
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 04:02:00 -0400

Hi All,

The web archive of the list has been down since March 27,
and that is the reason I've not replied to any replies that
may have been made to me, which may not be any, for it seems
that after I defined the bottom-line (just show me an example
of A where A is A free from relation to not-A) the debate
sort of came to a screeching halt. That is the pattern:
I cannot and nobody can find a single example of the
atomist paradigm in existence. This must tell us
something, something critical, something we
cannot dismiss or overlook, something
that maps out a major shortfall
in contemporary wisdom.

Oh ya, the list... I noticed something worse than the
list being down... the database is scrambled. Check it
out: http://www.lucifer.com/exi-lists/extropians/1678.html
select any message and the page that opens is not the
message you selected. This seems to be endemic.
It did not do this the other day, so I don't
know what the source of the problem is,
maybe it's from my side, but I can't
see how that possibility could be.

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