Anton Sherwood (
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 21:40:03 -0700

> > > Even more convenient to do away with the overheads of occupation
> > > and rule and extract just as much money from unfair trade as you
> > > could have via tribute.

> Anton Sherwood wrote:
> > And what is "unfair trade"?

Dwayne wrote:
> Trade where some players in a market have more advantages than
> others. the sort of stuff being waved at microsoft.

Well, you know, no two people are equal, and so it might be argued that
there's always an advantage on one side or another of every trade.
Indeed some make this the foundation of their politics.

> > And how do you pick winners in the marketplace, without governing it?
> Make sure that your companies are able to easily out-compete the
> local competition.

How? By commanding them to be more efficient?

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