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> Well, I've done it again - gotten myself into a bind. I was caught in
> my Freshman Seminar class reading the latest installment of the
> Extropian Principles, and was forced to give a small lecture on the
> subject matter (i.e. - explaining to everyone what extropy was). This
> interested my FreshSem teacher enough for her to give me that as an
> essay subject. Now I must relate "Extropian values in accordance to
> slavery" with the Harriet Jacobs book "Incidents in the Life of a Slave
> Girl".
> Anyone have any ideas for subject matter for me? I've read through the
> book and through the Extropian Principles, but I need to write an essay
> that my teacher will be able to comprehend - and that drastically
> reduces my options. Assigned on Friday, I need to have it done by
> Wednesday. Eep.
> Any help would be appreciated, as I'm not accustomed to writing
> analytical essays.

You might look up extropian and transhumanists writings on the UIF
principle, which is central to our thought on many things. UIF stands for
Unlimited Individual Freedom. In this context, being extropian is about as
far from being a slave or condoning slavery as one could possibly get. You
could also say that they stand at opposite ends of the evolutionary scale,
where at one time in our past, all humans were slaves to one thing or
another, either slaves to a master in a labor arrangement, women being
enslaved to men and to their wombs, a vassal to lord relationship, or all
humans to the politically correct deity that is worshipped. Extropians on
the other hand, deny the ability or right of any force, being, or situation
to enslave the individual to it. We demand of ourselves the will and
perseverance to bend the universe to our own ends, not ours to its. We shall
overcome the greatest form of slavery, the slavery of mortality, and the
slavery of limited intellect as well. In this we live up to and move beyond
the finest dream of proponents of indvidual liberty like DuBois, Douglas,
and King, as well as Jefferson and Franklin, Rand and Paine

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