MGS and Cydonia (was Re: Face on Mars)

Doug Bailey (
Fri, 3 Apr 1998 11:21:22 -0500

You can find details of Mars Global Surveyor's (MGS) imaging schedule concerning Cydonia and NASA's approximate internet posting of the resulting images at

Personally, I do not believe these images will settle anything. The people who claim that the "face on Mars" is of artificial design have done so based on extremely tenuous and unconvincing evidence. Such claims are more faith than scientific speculation. Through the goggles of their faith I am sure they will see new evidence in the MGS images to support their claim, not evidence refuting it. I can image what they'll say already:

"Look at how naturally the Martians made this massive monument appear!"
"NASA doctored the images."
"The natural features are the result of sand blowing over the artificial features of the face and surrounding monuments."
"The Martians learned from their agents here on Earth that we were going to image the site and covered their tracks."
"Wow this image totally confirms what I've been saying all along! Can't you see it too?"

These images will be used to confirm both sides of the debate and serve as additional weaponry for the certain massive usenet "debates" to follow. Anyone want odds on predicting what month the alt.cydonia newsgroup will appear?

Doug Bailey