Justice and Punishment

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On Fri, 3 Apr 1998 Alejandro Dubrovsky <s335984@student.uq.edu.au> Wrote:

>[Bill Gates killing a ten million people] depending on how much bill
>wants to see those 10000000 people dead. Again, on the whim of a

Look, if Bill Gates ever develops an insane homicidal hatred of me then I'd
be in a very uncomfortable situation in my system, yours, or any other.
I think you're trying to hold advocates of Anarchy to an impossibly high
standard, you want us to prove that evil acts would be impossible in such a
world. Well I can't do that, but I think I can show that there would be more
freedom, far fewer victimless crimes, and no murders committed on an
industrial scale that we're all too familiar with. Instead of dreaming up
bizarre and unlikely scenarios involving murderous billionaires ask yourself
how the holocaust or the inquisition could have possibly occurred in the
world I describe.

By the way, last time I checked there were close to a billion Indians not
10 million

>i don't see any PPA supporting the poor people since they have
>nothing to gain from this, apart from forced labor and slavery.

If this sort of thing bothers you then pick a PPA that does a lot of charity
work. Of course if nobody wants to help these people then they're in deep
trouble, but no worse than today. If you won't voluntarily help the poor why
would you vote for a politician who makes you?

>Doing business with a PPA is voluntary as long as that PPA lets it
>be a voluntary thing.

A nation has a geographical area, so changing nations is nothing you can do
lightly as it will change every aspect of your life. A PPA on the other hand
has no geographical area, changing a PPA would be like changing your car
insurance, you just pick up a telephone. A PPA that tried to prevent people
from changing would have to go to war with all the other PPA's, for reasons I
explained earlier it's unlikely it would win.

>>people who enjoy making money. Those kind of people are much safer
>>to have in positions of power.

>i would say that is exactly the kind of people that are in a
>position of power right now. How many dictators are poor after their
>time in government?

It's meaningless to ask how much money Stalin had, his face was on the
currency for goodness sake, he could have anything and everything that it was
possible for the USSR to produce. Making money is a good and noble activity
and the idea that Bill Gates had more power over peoples lives than Stalin
is crazy.

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