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><< > Well, this is a major problem if you consider how different things could
>be if
> > we only used hemp for paper.. how many trees are needed to produce the
> > papers viewed everyday?? I'm sure the numbers are mind-blowing..
> Well, you know, it would take *more* hemp-plants.
> >>
>much more, but i think the figures are hemp can produce 4 times more paper
>than trees per given area plus hemp can be harvested once a year (or more if
>grown indoors) and trees take 20 years, so does it make 80 times more paper
>than trees?
>there are other benefits too like strength. hemp plants can grow very big and
>produce a lot of fiber if bred for that. like 10-15 ft high with 4-8 inch wide
>stalks (thats a guess kinna, ive seen pictures).

Hello. I have been lurking for a bit, and feel that I can add something here.

I understand that hemp paper is produced without acid, so it will last much
longer than wood pulp paper. I have also heard that some of the early
Federal documents are written on this paper..

The entire prohibition against cannabis as a crop is a fabrication produced
by those whose financial interests were served by removing a competing
product. The fact that you can 'misuse' hemp is just a fortunate side effect
for these people.

Check out: - the chapters on
marijuana are quite interesting..

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