hemp can save the world. was: the great hemp swindle

=- deluxe -= (jeff@ultraviolet.com)
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 23:26:29 +0000

Indeed you are correct sir. However, I was told that Hemp grows very fast and is
really easy to rotate with other plants to prevent soil sterilization.

Why is this titled the "great hemp swindle?"

I'm pretty sure that it would still be one of this country's greatest agricultural
assets if it weren't illegal to grow. (note that hemp and mj are not the same kind
of plant. I guess you could say its similar to a fruitless cherry tree)

Ask yourself why ALL forms of hemp plants are illegal to grow in this country?!?

I'm speculating here and I'm sure there are people who have more information, but
there's a lot of reasons why lobbyists from logging, fuel and cotton industries
would love to eliminate a major competitor.

Personally, I think that its absurd that a plant can be made illegal. But then
again, many native americans were really confused about the idea of land ownership.

Anton Sherwood wrote:

> deluxe wrote:
> > Well, this is a major problem if you consider how different things could be if
> > we only used hemp for paper.. how many trees are needed to produce the daily
> > papers viewed everyday?? I'm sure the numbers are mind-blowing..
> Well, you know, it would take *more* hemp-plants.
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