Re: the great hemp swindle (was: Face on Mars)

Thu, 2 Apr 1998 02:02:44 EST

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<< > Well, this is a major problem if you consider how different things could
be if
> we only used hemp for paper.. how many trees are needed to produce the
> papers viewed everyday?? I'm sure the numbers are mind-blowing..

Well, you know, it would take *more* hemp-plants.
much more, but i think the figures are hemp can produce 4 times more paper
than trees per given area plus hemp can be harvested once a year (or more if
grown indoors) and trees take 20 years, so does it make 80 times more paper
than trees?
there are other benefits too like strength. hemp plants can grow very big and
produce a lot of fiber if bred for that. like 10-15 ft high with 4-8 inch wide
stalks (thats a guess kinna, ive seen pictures).