Re: Stephen Hawking + realaudio

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Wed, 01 Apr 1998 13:24:08 +0000

I'll check it out. Funny enough, but the book is in my 'to read' pile and has
been for years.

For some reason though I've been more interested in other books. Has anyone
seen a book called the beginner's guide to constructing the universe?

This is a fascinating book about the numbers 1-10.

Thanks for the tip.


Scott Badger wrote:

> >I suppose no one had a clue about the previous question regarding the
> >breakdown of the human body into constituent parts??
> >
> >
> >deluxe
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> re: body constituents
> I think Sagan's book, "Cosmos" had a section about this. I remember on the
> video version where he was standing next to a large plexiglass container
> with a pile of materials in the middle...carbon, sulfer, iron, etc. and was
> talking about how "just adding water" would still fall short of making a
> human. Sounds silly now but you might find what you want in his book.