Re: Time for a jump in quality?

Jeff Fabijanic (
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 12:44:26 -0500

Eugene Leitl wrote:
>> Shall we hold the discussion here, or on transhumantech@ ?

Where's that list? (Dan Clemmensen) wrote:

>Here, I think. It's likely to go non-tech.
>Aren't there a bunch of guys already doing this as part of the
>wearables gang?

Sure, the MIT cyborgs (including Steve Mann et al) are quite active at
implementing their ideas into their everyday lives. You can get a decent
intro to the Lab by checking out:

The Swedish Isaac Project is also worth checking out. It's been quite
successful at using many not-quite-cutting-edge-anymore-technologies to
create a working solution that significantly enhances the function of
non-techie humans by using wearable tech:

I have many more URLs but that's a reasonable start. [My company, btw, does
hw and sw development of ubiquitous computing solutions, of which
"wearables" makes up a significant part.]

Btw, the MIT Media Lab Wednesday Colloquium today ("The invisible computer:
Why Good Products Can Fail, the Personal Computer Is So Complex, and
Information Appliances Are the Solution") features Don Norman - the author
of "The Design of Everyday Things," "Turn Signals Are the Facial
Expressions of Automobiles" and "Things That Make Us Smart". The Colloquium
is on Wednesday 1 April 4:30 pm Bartos Theatre 20 Ames Street, Cambridge
(refreshments at 4:15 pm). 20 Ames is the Media Lab Bathtub, for those
unfamiliar with MIT numbering schemes. Bartos is downstairs.

I'll be there, taking written and voice notes on my mid-size electronic


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