Re: Face on Mars

Hal Finney (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 23:07:20 -0800

Anton Sherwood, <>, writes:
> Keep in mind that one of the "eyes" is (iirc) a reference-dot, i.e. an
> artifact of the camera, not part of the picture in nature.

I'm not familiar with this claim.

> Also, every picture I've ever seen of the "face" is the SAME IMAGE.
> How many times have our various machines passed over Cydonia?
> Shouldn't there be more than one image of the site??
> If two or three of them show a "face", let me know!

for all the images which show the region of the Face. You usually see the
same one because it is the best one.

See for the
schedule of photography attempts for the Face as well as the Viking
and Pathfinder landers. The first attempt at the Face will be April 5,
with a delay of about 24 hours before it is posted on the net.

Because of positional and orbital uncertainties, they estimate only about
a 30%-50% chance of photographing the target object on any given try.
I would imagine that the odds would go up on the later tries as they
are able to see how far they were off on the earlier ones. So I am
reasonably optimistic that they will get new pictures of the Face within
the next month.

for predictions of what the new images should show, by a non-crackpot
believer in the significance of the Face.