James Rogers (jamesr@best.com)
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 13:06:29 -0700


I have employment opportunities available in a brand new Silicon Valley
startup company. Since I would rather work with Extropians than your
average person off the street, I am offering these opportunities here first.

I am willing to judge everyone on the merit of their skills, and not
exclusively on their experience i.e. if you are a closet Java hacker who
works as a grocery clerk, please feel free to apply. I was in that boat a
long time ago, so I know how it is.


We are offering stock options (Silicon Valley gold?), a telecommuting
option in the near future, a flexible, Extropian-friendly environment, an
opportunity to develop new technologies and skills, an environment that
fosters creative and new ideas, as well as a salary.

QUICK OVERVIEW: I am building a new company. We have plenty of investors,
plenty of capital, experienced and well-connected business and marketing
arms, and realistic growth potential. Our core technologies are related to
Intranet/NC/Web based business applications running off database backends,
especially Oracle. Personally, this is an area of very strong expertise
and technology development experience, so we are not jumping into this
blind. I am bringing a wealth of proven tools, technologies, and
techniques. Our target market (which I have been working in directly for
over a year) is virtually devoid of companies qualified to provide
business-critical, high-throughput applications in this environment.
Demand is quite high and growing, but remains mostly unmet or poorly
implemented at high cost. Additionally, we intend to develop commercial
applications designed to work in an NC-style environment. For those that
are not aware, several countries (such as the Philippines and Singapore)
have entered enormous contracts to wire their entire countries with the NC


Java Programmers: We won't be building crapplets, so if you are interested
in putting a razor-sharp edge on your Java skills, this is the place to do
it. You will be developing creative and intelligent application interfaces
as well as developing APIs and class libraries. If you have Java skills of
any type, please apply.

Oracle Programmers: We are looking for flexible Oracle PL/SQL programmers
who are willing to learn new technologies. Web and Oracle Webserver
experience a plus. Forms, Reports, and Pro*C experience a plus, but not
required by any means. If you are an Oracle programmer and want to get
some real Web experience, this is the place to do it.

Database Analysts: We need database analysts who have experience spec-ing
and designing database, business, and application logic.

Please email me with a brief description of your skills if you are
interested in any of the above positions.

If you have any questions about any of this feel free to email me.


-James Rogers