Re: Virtual Immortality

Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 14:47:09 -0400

Rick Knight wrote:
> John Blanco-Losada wrote:
> Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University envision a huge multimedia
> database that could store minute-by-minute details of your waking
> life, all packed on a hard disk the size of a quarter.
> Hara Ra responded:
> Imagine searching though all that raw data for interesting stuff. Puts
> home movies to shame. What about extra legal activities?? What about
> stuff considered private, like excretion? As a cryonicist I might find
> it useful though....
> Rick Knight adds:
> This reminds me of the tremendous amount of documents from the tobacco
> industry that had to be sifted through to determine the level of
> accountability by the tobacco industry on their cover-up and
> conversion. Prior to scanning and locating technology, it would take
> a team of individuals YEARS to pour through it all. Now, they scanned
> all the docs into Adobe Acrobat and did programmed searches for
> keywords and found substantial amounts of evidence. $368.5 billion
> later (hopefully more...)...<G>

This is an example of why this sort of technology needs to be protected
if it to actually record the thoughts, impressions, etc. of the
individual, or even just every waking moment. If it did not have
extended coverage against incrimination, I would not care to utilize it,
whether I am doing anything patently harmful or not, lord knows what
thoughts or behaviors our PC crazy society is going to declare illegal
tomorrow, or at least liable.

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