Blip, Blip, Blip

Rick Knight (
Mon, 30 Jun 97 10:48:53 CST

A modest critique:

Tony Hellick, in a number of his rather lengthy, yet cryptic posts
would seem to be possessed of a tremendous amount of knowledge and
potentially intriguing information.

I am currently posing a rather pointed question to myself:

Is my tendency to keep my finger pressed down on the Page Down key
through his messages because of my perception that he is woefully
unable to convey information packets to fellow humans in a compelling


that I, myself, am so woefully primitive in comaparison to his
stream-of-consciousness "you asked for it" spurts of seemingly
disconnected and questionably relevent information that I am simply
unable to comprehend it?

The secondary question is what is Tony's fundamental purpose in
presenting his montage of information in such a motif? Presumably,
the point is to promote exchange of viable information. I tend to
question and often disregard that which is presented in an
alarmist/cryptic/fear-based way. Perhaps it's because I have only a
limited time to engage in this, perhaps because I don't want to
exchange time with those I believe are preoccupied with

Does the marathon runner spend most of his time worrying about the
other runners or his own performance? To my mind, future-thinkers
would do best to devote little if any time to the boogie men under the
bed, real of imagined. Fear has to stop being a motivation for our
culture, to be supplanted by the gratification of success.

Peace and regards,