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Michael M. Butler (butler@comp*
Sun, 29 Jun 1997 10:03:29 -0700

Paired Metricom (Ricochet) modems, configured for point-to-point, might
work for you IF you stay in line-of-sight; that probably means putting the
ground-based unit on a mast.

IBM is reputed to have marketed a smaller, possibly more efficient version
of the Ricochet modem that's 100% compatible--this might be worth getting
for the airborne side of things...

As for servos, the most cost-effective approach is probably to use the
Mini-SSC sold by Scott Edwards. Quoting from the Dontronics Web site:
Serial Servo Controller (SSC): (The Juggler's delight) 7 Pages

Now available with text-mode control; Type "A 3 100" in any terminal
(e.g., Procomm) software, and servo 3 of controller A moves to position

Modem-like box controls eight model-airplane servos from your computer's
serial port (up to 19,200 baud). Provides 0.36-degree positioning
precision. If your needs expand, unusual "repeater" circuit and serial
addressing firmware make it possible to chain up to 32 controllers from
the same serial port. A partial kit consisting of all ICs, ceramic
resonators, and printed circuit board is $50 (US). A full kit is $69
(US). An assembled and tested unit is $119 (US).

(Nuts & Volts Feb 94; Circuit Cellar, October 94).

Mini Serial Servo Controller (Mini SSC): 5 Pages

The Mini SSC controls eight model-airplane servos from your computer or
Basic Stamp at 2400 or 9600 baud. Up to 32 Minis can operate from the
same computer. Build walking robots, animations. A full kit is $29 (US).
An assembled and tested unit is $45 (US).

(Nuts & Volts Jul 95).

Scott Edwards appears not to have a public Web site, but here's contact info:

Scott Edwards Electronics
P.O. Box 160, Sierra Vista ARIZONA 85636-0160 USA
CIS 72037,2612 INTERNET
Phone 520-459-4802 Fax 520-459-0623


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