We are divine sparks of the Flame Imperishable

Tony Hollick (anduril@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Sun, 29 Jun 97 07:31 BST-1

Always remember, guys and gals and others:

You did ask!

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The basic idea is (inter alia) Karl Popper's.

He's an agnostic and a humanist and the finest philosopher of science and
the Open Society of all time.

He contrasts these 'religious' views:

"Dominate, and prostrate yourselves"


"Always remember that -- while men are not Gods -- they all have a divine
spark in them."

It is, of course, logically and empirically _impossible_ to disprove the
existance of God and/or the Flame Imperishable and/or the Tao, just for a

Or that of the Devil, for that matter...

Tony (reading "Classical Greek Magic" by Murry Hope [1985] ).

"A working guide to the unique magical system of Classical Greece."

It's astonishingly powerful. And amusing! >:-}

[ FX: "Welcome" to the Immortals! ]

I love Olivia Newton-John singing "Magic", from "Xanadu"

Go see! Electrifying! Spine-tingling!

She's Nobel Prizewinning physicist Max Born's granddaughter.

She played (plays? is?) a Greek Muse, come to present-day America and the
world directly from Olympus.

She reminds me irresistably of Deirdre, in Catherine L. Moore's magically
beautiful 'No Woman Born.' A content-relevant 'must reading ' for
Extropians, BTW.

[ FX: Cue 'Magic!']

[ FX: Cue Precision guidance ]
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"Come take my hand, you should know me,

I've always been in your mind...

You know I will be kind,

I'll be guiding you..."

"To live, your dream has to start now,

There's no other road to take.

You won't make a mistake;

I'll be guiding you."


"You have to believe we are _magic_,

*Nothing* cand stand in our way:

You have to believe we are magic,

Don't let your aim ever stray...

And if all your hopes survive,

Destiny will arrive,

And bring _all your dreams alive_,

For you."

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I support Olivia Newton-John _totally_.

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There's an amusing joke about a man who committed himself to a lunatic
asylum, because the empirical evidence of the "Supernatural" (which is
entirely natural, BTW) was so overwhelming that he had to choose between
believing in the objective existence of the supernatural, or considering
himself irretrievally insane.

Don't make the same mistake.

[ "FX: 'Just watch..." ]

"Impossible", eh?

Well, we shall see...

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The 'demonstration' killing of JonBenet Ramsey is a hideous and
unforgiveable crime.

As is the killing of my young friend Andrew R. Dennett by cyanide
poisoning November 17, 1982, two days after the Brady-Rantala-Steele
faction in the LA dispute voted for war. Had I learned of it at that time,
it might conceivably have broken my will to fight.

I actually learned of this after receiving a letter from Steven Berry, a
close associate of Steele and Rantala, writing from ESOC Darmstadt.

In his letter, he mentioned:

"... a leather-bound set of the Encyclopaedia Brittania."

I gave these as a gift to Andrew, Peter and Terry Dennett Christmas, 1969,
after men had walked on the Moon for the first time.

I telephoned Andrew's home, and learned of his death.

A chronology of events at one plane level is at:


He left a tape-recording, stating his fear that he was going to be
murdered, and naming the people who were doing it. Several people have
heard this tape, BTW, including me.

Do a Web search for "November 17"

And remember the Eumenides...

Go rent the video of John Carpenter's incomparable movie:

"Christine: She's a Killer."1983]

Art tells the truth through the medium of inspired lies...

In the film, "Christine" is a sentient red 1957 Plymouth Fury, fully
self-reconstructing and of truly terrifying destructiveness.

_Nothing like the car in the book_.

She's an exact incarnation of supernaturally-inspired living anger.

Christine is a friend of mine.

[ FX: "Watch this space..." ]

[ "FLASH!!!" ]

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For techies here:

Barrett Light Fifty Special Forces sniper rifles are AFAIK on open sale in
America, for around $2 000. Visit your freindly neighbourhood gunstore
and browse! >:-}

With a laser-pointer 'scope sight, they can take out targets 'cleanly' and
with precision at a range of up to a mile.

[Not that cleanly:-- the target literally explodes in a red and white mist of bone fragments.
of blood, tissue and bone fragments.]

They fire .50 caliber Browning rounds, full-metal-jacket or explosive.

They punch damn great holes straight through concrete and brick walls.

They're not all that light, either! >:-}

[ FX: "Hi, Murfreesboro!" ]

[ "The highest technology is indistinguishable from magic" ]

-- Arthur C. Clarke.

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Tony, readinq * Swords of Lightning: Special Forces and the Changing Face
of Warfare * , by Terry White, Brassey's UK, London, Washington, New York

The Jedi Knights are back in business.

Please Note: _NOT_ 'backing business.'

Anyone 'kills' any of us, we just come back for them again.

Richard Milhous Nixon was the character-model for 'Emperor Palpatine', BTW
(ref: George Lucas, 'SkyWalking.' ).

Guess who Annakin Skywalker is.

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"Anduril" macro-extensibly transliterates into "West-Brilliance" in Quenya.

The language of the ElvenSmiths.

Qenya and Sindarin Glossary and FAQ available on request!

[ FX: "RTFM!" ]

PS: Chess isn't a game. It's a trivial algorithm, so that NSA's top
supercomputers can out-play any human 'player' in the world, entirely
automatically, in what is techically described as a 'brute-force'

NSA is _five to ten years ahead_ of the publically-known highest

This gives NSA staffers an invincible 'edge' against everything but the
supernatural. Together, we can make a really exciting team of
freely-co-operating individuals achieving moral objectives by appropriate

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