Latent Extropy (was Early Extropian influences)

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Sat, 28 Jun 1997 15:52:59 -0700

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Michael Lorrey wrote:

>I've been a latent extropian for quite a while, and when I was searching
>for some info on Rome one day on Alta Vista, one of the links it kicked
>back was Romana Machado's home page, which led me here, and I couldn't
>be happier....

I'm much the same way. I've been a latent extropian for all of my
rational life...before I had ever discovered the definition. After my
encounters with objectivism a few years back (which, I must add, totally
changed my life's focus etc.) my mind was broadened. When I heard the
philosophy of extropy, it was sort of a dream come true: a group of people
who desire future progress --technologically, politically and ethically--
and effectively kineticize their potentials. I'm sure that there are
thousands of others who agree with the fundamentals of extropy but just
haven't been introduced to the philosophy in the right way. The "right
way" to convey extropian ideals is probably the biggest obstacle standing
in the way of our progress. As it is now, extropy is quite small --albeit
in a nice way-- and fairly unknown to the world...hence we get littered
with the quick-to-judge tag of "cult" from time to time. When we find a
way to conquer those quick-to-judge taggers, then we'll be able to
demonstrate our credibility; as always, getting there is the hard part.

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