Re: Dyson spheres are not dark

Dan Hook (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 23:20:09 -0400

> From: Michael Lorrey <>
> Perhaps they have a more evolved aesthetic sense than you. Perhaps they
> value the diversity of variously independently evolve intelligences more
> than some eventual cosmic dissolution. Given that the stars in our sky
> have been probably the most inspirational thing in history, taking that
> sight away from millions of possible intelligent races is in my opinion
> a huge crime, not only that, but those races caught on a planet inside a
> dyson sphere would eventually be baked to death, so not only does this
> mean the death of inspiration, but the death of innumerable
> intelligences. Perhaps they know of a way out of this universe for
> advanced races to follow to avoid the end of this one. Perhaps they
> value the pace of evolution races will take from matter based to energy
> based organisms. There are many possible answers to Fermi's Paradox that
> still leave open the possibility for other intelligent species.

It could be that stars are simply not an efficient energy source. Already
humans have hypothesized about energy sources that require new physics.
Zero point energy comes to mind. Why would anyone bother surrounding a sun
with a sphere when they could get more energy out of the space contained in
a light bulb? There could be many more sources of energy in the universe,
and they could be found in a billion years, than stars and if matter is
scarce it would not be economical to surround a star. If matter is not
scarce, as the state of the universe would show, even the general outlines
of the advanced race defy comprehension.

Dan Hook