Re: Early Extropian influences (Was Re: BASICS: Anarcho-capitalism)

Dan Hook (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:34:21 -0400

> I would love to hear the history of how various people on the list came
> to hold some of their extropic ideas.

I stumbled across an Extropian website while looking for information on
getting a clock to run from a potato (never did find it...). I was trying
to at least develop some ideas on how a watch could be installed in
someone's arm but a better idea for that has already been discussed on the
I've been interested in science fiction for a while, cyborgs especially.
Libertarian ideas never really interested me much (I did have dreams of
conquering the world...) until I checked out David Friedman's website. I
then read Machinery of Freedom and I was hooked. Now I dream of conquering
solar systems, but of ruling nobody.

Dan Hook