RE: The open society and its enemies

Tony Hollick (
Fri, 27 Jun 97 06:30 BST-1

The response is quite inappropriate.

Max's first listed publication was published by the LA, when I was an
LA Executive Committee member.

I took political advice on publishing it from the President of the Adam
Smith Institute.

He said 'publish it.'

I said 'publish it.'

Chris R. Tame said 'Publish it.'

And so Maz's first essay was was published.

That is, we took a chance on publishing Max.

The Daily Express paid out four-figure damages to Chris Tame and Madsen
Pirie when John Selwyn Gummer put them up to trying to smear us with it.

Neither Chris Tame nor I are 'paedophiles.'

We do -- as intellectuals and libertarians, subscribe to the principle of
open discussion of difficult problem-situations.

Chris has a superbly attractive wife. >:-}

[FX: "Thou shalt not covet..." ] >:-}

I rather fancy Sandahl Bergman, Linda Hamilton and Olivia Newton-John.

Thank you so much for your interest and concern ...

/ /\ \