Semiconductor Ceilings (was Deep Blue Column in TIME)

Rick Knight (
Thu, 26 Jun 97 10:21:50 CST

Ken Alexander wrote:

Scott Adams starts the chapter off with a seemingly random unsupported
slam against evolution, but then gets far wackier. He starts talking
about psychic powers, luck as a commodity, and how repeating an
affirmation 15 times a day can alter the very nature of reality due to
new discoveries in quantum mechanics and multiple-universe theory.

I think he should stick to lampooning corporations instead...

I respond:

Why? Did Scott hit a nerve by extolling something too etherial and
outlandish? How dare the icon of the nerd community go out on such a
whacko limb as to envision the impossible or at least
yet-to-be-proven. Bohm and Sheldrake have some very interesting
things to say about the effect of thought on reality, quantum
mechanics, morphogenic fields and the like. It's not so easily
dismissable. At least no more dismissable than Drexler if someone
wants to take a staunch pragmatic line. Open up to possibility.
Refer to Michael Lorrey's quotes on the absolutist statements made by
people in respected positions over the last century. We live in
extraordinary times!