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Newton considered absolute space to be 'the Sensorium of God.

The 'Sensoriom' is the space within which we visualize images, and create
an approximately accurate representation of the world frtom sense-data.

Children can visualize images 'out there' (projectively).

Karl Popper's classification goes like this:

World One: The world of objective physical reality.

World Tro: The world of subjective experience:

World Three: The world of externally-represented objective knowledge.

We, as living selves, interact beween these three worlds.

See Karl Popper and John Eccles: 'The Self and its Brain." Springer [1977]

There is another inclusion (for non-robotic humans):

World Four: "We are all sparks of the eternal flame."

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On 'money':

'Money' is whatever people _choose to use_ as a store of value, and a
mediun of exchange. It provides an external and internal metric.

What are we supposed to use as a metric for economic calculation, if we
don't use 'money'?