Meanlingless Abstractions?

Rick Knight (
Wed, 25 Jun 97 16:55:52 CST

William Wiser queried:

What sort of tradeoffs do you see between time spent making money
and time spent doing other things? How much money is plenty?

which has been an issue that has been festering for me since I signed
on with this discussion.

Lee Daniel Crocker replied:

There is no such thing as "enough" or "plenty"; they are menaingless

I respond:

As if that assertion isn't potent with its own meaning! Do you really
think something that circular and benign has genuine significance? I
sympathize with Mr. Wiser's query and am concerned about the
self-absorbed tendancies of a full-blown libertarian perspective which
rear their unattractive heads in this digest from time to time. It
seems imbalanced and lacking sensitivity. Forgive my frankness but
your assertions occur in contrast to Mr. Wiser's questions as haughty
and dismissive.

*Enough* is when you aren't devoting energy to a particular goal or
desire. As in full or satiated.

*Plenty* is when you can comfortably/benevolently redirect your focus
and consider the needs/desires of others or embellish/expand your own.
As in comfort or even abundance.

I have applied meaning to your absolutist assertion of no meaning and
request that you devote a modicum of time/energy to address Mr.
Wiser's question with some respect and consideration. Otherwise, it
would be more beneficial to simply refrain because credibility
expressed in the motif you've chosen is seriously lacking.

It appears you moderate this digest or at least decide what types of
submissions are included (I attempted to submit an attachment because
=20 marks were peppering my submissions, thus making them
unpleasant/undesirable to read). Please, use your sharpened intellect
with some discretion and graciousness!