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Bobby Whalen (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 15:53:03 PDT

Michael Bowling Writes:

>This seems to me to be a very possible future, not one that I
>welcome, but I tend to view its approach with a "who care's" attitude.
>Obviously some people here do, and I'd be interseted to hear more on
>they do. I can deffinitely see a problem if the state is the one
>over my shoulder, but what of the hoped for voluntary societies? I'm
>terribly concerned now if people know my business, and maybe that's
>naivete or my virtual lack of anything to hide, but if I'm living in a
>community with standards of behavior that reflect my own, namely
>not comitted against property are not crimes, then I can't see why it
>would make much difference if people can watch me go about my "private
>life" at home, or elsewhere. (pardon my long sentence, no time to
>revise ;->)
>Michael Bowling
I would like to think that as a society we could evolve to such a point
that privacy was a non-issue. Below is why I think it is still a major
issue, and of great importance to me.

You can be assured that there is a sizable minority of people out
there, who would view any of things you do in the privacy of your own
home to be "immoral" and "wrong", and would like nothing better than to
punish you severely. Just having sex with your partner in perhaps any
position other than the missionary would be considered by many to be "an
act against god" and worthy of your incarceration. In several states in
the south there are still people being put in jail for just such
"unusual" sex acts.

I'll go out on a limb to say that I engage in some rather unusual
antics around the house - from running around with jello on my naked
body to talking in pseudo-languages while making outrageous jestures
with my body and face, to just having crazy fun in whatever way my
spirit moves me. I also happen to perform very well on my job and am
respected by my friends and collegues for being one of the sanest people
they know. However, if there were cameras in my house observing and
recording my every move I'm sure the verdict would be quite different.
I would probably have a hard time getting hired anywhere "respectable".
Since I live in a rather small town, I might get chased out of it as

Bobby Whalen

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