Deep Blue Column in TIME

Rick Knight (
Wed, 25 Jun 97 10:07:13 CST


Interesting essay. I like the metaphor of prejudice applied to our
culture's current sexuality conflict. Although I can see this getting
published as an editorial or at least as an abridged letter to the
editor, I'd a) grammar check it and b) remove the consternation you
attribute to Gelenter's comments. However influential he may be, even
a remotely vicious comment on his opinions or sensibility weakens your
credibility as I read it.

Using your analogy, as a gay man, when people are pounding or
resounding too loudly, I'm always inclined to think "where there's
smoke, there's fire." Look at what's triggering your hostility, deal
with it and then re-read your comments. Much potent and innovative
stuff. I just feel that the harshness against Gelenter distracts the
reader's attention away from the possibility and toward an unresolved
and unamplified personal conflict.

Just a suggestion. Enjoyed your thoughts.